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Karlsgården is situated in Karlsbyn village, about 15 km north of Falun. This is a perfect place to stay if you want to explore Dalarna. It is very close to The World Heritage Attraction known as “Kopparberget” - its copper mine and museum, the home of Carl Larsson (Sweden’s national artist), Carl Larsson’s Portrait Gallery, the church of Sundborn, the actor and impresario Ernst Rolf’s birthhouse, Staberg (a mineowner’s dwelling), Dössberget’s open-air museum, Carl von Linné’s wedding cottage etc.

Our farmyard is about 2.500 m² and holds our house, our little cottage which you can rent, a large barn and a timbered cottage. Just opposite the road is a lake and if you want to meet our lovely nature more closely, we can lend you a bicycle.

Eva & Bengt Sundén | Karlsgården | Karlsbyn 108 | 790 15 Sundborn | Sweden
e-mail: info@karlsgarden.nu